Sorel Boots

January 26, 2016

All four of us had heard that Sorel boots are exactly what every Minnesotan needs to get through these brutal winters. When we teamed up with them, we couldn’t wait for the large brown box to arrive on our doorsteps. Our text messages revolved around how excited we were to finally give them a try. Here are our thoughts and if you want your very own pair, they just opened a store at Mall of America (how convenient!).

Vanessa: I was that kid who hated wearing snowpants and boots to school in the winter. And I’m now that adult who hates trading in cute footwear for clunky winter options when the weather grows cold and snowy. My new Sorel boots are the perfect compromise — they aren’t clunky winter boots, they’re cute, and they still put up a hearty defense against Minnesota ice and snow. Since getting these brown leather beauties, I’ve worn little else on my feet when I leave the house. The gripping rubber bottoms are a great match against slick sidewalks, my leggings and skinny jeans tuck in perfectly, and they’re very close to waterproof (especially after I applied some mink oil to the leather — it’s my secret winter weapon!).

Laura: Being the freeze baby I am, I knew I needed to search Sorel’s website for their most extreme boots, suitable for “Heavy Snow.”  Waterproof suede uppers, removable liners, and warm even at -40 degrees F; I was sold. Waiting at the bus stop has never been so enjoyable, and never before have I been fearless to face the previously imagined terrors of the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. This may sound dramatic, but these boots have been life changing – I’m not as crabby about cold weather, and I’m also no longer afraid to go outdoors between the months of December and March, and for the first time in my life I can imagine myself living in Minnesota for the rest of it. Life is good.

Katie: One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is taking Harpy (my boyfriend’s dog) on a walk. She adores the snow, so of course we participate by chasing her all over large, open, snow-covered land. My biggest pet peeve was having damp boots, which led to wet socks and cold feet. I was having such difficulty when it came to finding a boot that actually was waterproof. My fingers were crossed when I tried my Sorel boots for the first time, and I can happily report I lengthened my time outside in the snow with the pup. She’s one happy girl and so is her dog walker!

Jaclyn: When I moved to Minnesota five years ago during the tail end of winter, I really didn’t know what I was in for. I hadn’t owned proper snow boots since I was little. I set off to find some, and not knowing what to look for I picked up some quite ugly (But functional) boots at my local Target. Over the years I’ve heard about Sorels as being a great brand for boots. You can find cute AND practical styles for any kind of weather. It wasn’t until this year that I got my first pair and I am kicking myself for not getting them sooner. I am actually (kind of) wishing it would snow more this year so I can show them off more!

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